“I Want to Make the World a Better Place” – Koffee

Born Mikayla Simpson, blossoming singer-songwriter Koffee’s mission is to preserve Jamaica’s roots and culture in music, while also aiming to empower the youth of her generation through her musical journey across the world. “I want to make a better world for the generation that’s coming up, to promote love and peace, and even though I’m young, I feel that the Creator has blessed me with talent and wisdom to get the job done”. – Koffee.

Koffee’s humble beginning in music started from her childhood experience of participating in the junior choir at church, followed by her high school’s choir. In 2012, after being gifted a guitar by a friend who saw her interest in music and recognized her talent, Koffee immersed herself in developing her craft by daily carrying her guitar to school, and taking every free moment to sing and play. It is in 2016 after winning a highly competitive talent competition held at her school, that Koffee accepted that she could no longer avoid her calling. Like many rising stars of her generation, the young Jamaican musician used the power of social media for her introduction, and warmed the hearts of people across the world with her song “Legend”, in tribute to Usain Bolt .

The 17 years old budding star has since dedicated her time to writing, recording and further cultivating her musical abilities in preparation for her symphonious journey.